Todd Gronsdahl

I make relics, props and displays for my very own Saskatchewan Maritime Museum It is a completely fabricated historical institution that dissects considers and re-assembles Canadian history using humour and imagination.

“Any story worth telling is worth embellishing.”-Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Truer words may have never been uttered and you know what, he probably never said that, because I just made that up! I like to take aspects of life in Canada and invent absurd back stories that I tell thru my artworks.

I do this because it’s so fun that I can’t stop, but someone who is paid to make sense of this would say my, “interdisciplinary practice challenges truth, fiction and the construction of historical narratives. The Saskatchewan Maritime Museum is an immersive installation, employing irony to highlight the randomness of museum and archive logic. By playing, tampering and reconfiguring archival documentation, Gronsdahl intentionally legitimizes mythologies, loosely retracing residual marks of past events.”